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Sunday, February 7, 2010

"It's All About Me" (or this post is anyway...)

So, I have contemplated writing a blog for as long as I can remember...I start it, but can't seem to get past editing the layout and then never actually get to the "blog" part...not really sure what that says about me... Yes, I do! It is a prime example of what I do...I start many things and never seem to finish them. I am a project starter (I just have very few that are completed!). My extra bedroom is a room cluttered with numerous projects...half-painted canvas', half-made bows, half-knitted get my point. So, this time I am going to commit to completing a project. I am going to complete this first blog...Oh geez, maybe I should start some coffee!

Speaking of coffee, My name is Chas and I am an addict. I can't function in the morning until I have one needs to talk to me until I drink that first cup. It does not matter how mild or dark the does not matter if it is hot, steaming, iced, or frapped... as long as I have that smell to inhale before my eyes open, I know I will make it through the day...I warned you ahead of time..I am a true addict. And isn't it ironic that coffee always seems to taste better when someone else puts it in a $5 cup?!?

My PASSION is HAIR. I am a hair artist. I own a small salon and have an amazing group of clients that allow me to express my creativity through their locks of hair! :) I love creating new styles for people...I love experimenting with's amazing how a subtle change can add so much texture and dimension to a style. My job consumes me...I think about it, dream about it, read about it...etc. My name is Chas...and I'm also a work-a-holic. It is not something that I really planned for my life, but I fell in love with hair...and products...and chemicals...I also have a problem saying "no." So I am behind the chair more than I should be...hopefully that means I can someday retire early. :) The best part of my job is the relationships I am able to form with my clients..I have met so many interesting people who have become true friends. I love hearing a person's life story...what they have been through..what their family is like...what defines them... I am working on a canvas for the salon that is going to say "Sit down honey, tell me all about your __________!" (insert mother, husband, child, etc.) That project is also NOT complete... :)

My most important job title is "Mom." **Saved the best for last*** I have a free-spirited, creative daughter who is a ball of energy! Chloe is my whole reason for waking up each day...the one person that can give me a hug and make everything all better...she is my saving grace! She will be 9 in April...Geez, how the time has flown by! Chloe is a runner...competes in 5K's and plays softball during the spring and fall....I love that she enjoys being involved in so many activities..juggling that can sometimes cause me stress, but I never want her to lose that outgoing characteristic. She dreams big...I want her to always do so!

So, I think this is a good start of the things that "define" me...I am both simple and mind never shuts off...I have a million things I need to do at all times...yet I love to veg out on the couch with the computer and facebook (I will save this addiction for another time!). I enjoy great books, I have a million sticky notes of quotes that I will someday find a use for, and I have a crazy obsession with collecting recipes...that I will someday get around to trying. :) I love music with an extreme passion and can almost relate every memory I have to a song...all genres..all types...I think our lives should be set to a soundtrack daily! In my head that's how it is!

Simply put, I am a creative, indecisive disaster waiting to happen...I just hope when this "masterpiece" is complete, that it will show character and depth and the scars of life's battles...that to someone it will be a thing of beauty and a life well-lived.


"You have to laugh at yourself; you'd cry your eyes out if you didn't."-Amy Ray, Indigo Girls

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